Gas Grill Maintenance Tips

Gas Grill Maintenance in San Diego

gas grill maintenanceGas grill maintenance is a must especially if you want for your grill to last longer than its expected lifespan. Neglecting gas grill maintenance can lead to reduced performance and problems such as uneven heat, lower temperatures, and even food sticking to the grates.

Routine gas grill maintenance will prevent the need for frequent heavy duty cleaning and give you more time to enjoy those cookouts.

A key part of gas grill maintenance is properly cleaning and maintaining your stainless steel cooking grates. Proper grill maintenance can make cooking safer and extend the life of your barbecue.

Common Gas Grill Problems

Is it time to call the repairman — or time for grill replacement?

Warm weather means the start of grilling season. But as you dust off your gas grill for the first spring cookout, you might find that you forgot to clean it out before winter, and the grates are now messy and full of rust, bugs or dirt. Or worse: The grill won’t light, the paint is peeling and you have guests coming over for a barbecue. Does this mean it’s time to run to the store for a new grill or just put in a call to the repairman?

Here are some common part of your grill that you might have problems with.

Gas Grills: Repair or Replace? Common gas grill problems, and whether the solution is a DIY project, a job for a repairman, or time for an upgrade.


Rusty Grates Dirty and rusty grates are not the best surface for cooking up dinner – for better flavor and a cleaner surface, get out the grill brush and tackle this DIY project on your own.

Peeling Paint This is one problem that could have been prevented by grill maintenance. Grill paint can help keep it looking as good as new. See more here with infographic.

Clean cooking grates is a small fraction of a truly clean grill. When food debris and grease build up excessively underneath the cooking grates your fresh food is being steamed with many months of old carbonized food debris and grease.

Gas Grill Cleaning Tips

Your gas grill can be your barbecue pride and joy when you follow these easy cleaning tips.

Grill steaks, hamburgers and brats all year long if you follow these simple instructions for cleaning your gas grill. Not only will you always be able to enjoy your favorite foods, you’ll also have a working gas grill for many years to come.

Gas Grill Clean Setting

Most gas grills come with a cleaning option on the setting knobs. If you have a clean setting on your gas grill, you can use it to burn off any excess grease. While it’s a great tool to burn off excess grease, it’s not going to get your grill truly clean. For that, you’ll need a little elbow grease. Read more here.

Grills do not last forever and rust is a bitter enemy. Our BBQ Grill cleaning service helps to prevent future corrosion. Most customers do not consider their grills as disposable. Whatever fuel you use creates carbon buildup. The buildup ends up clogging the burners. Removing the grease and grime from the burners ensures an even flame and improves the performance of your grill (and your grilling).

How to Save Energy and Money by Grilling

Grilling is, of course, fun and seasonal—one of the joys of summer. But by doing it properly, you can also decrease your energy consumptions—and save money.

Tips for Maximizing Energy

Whether you’re using gas or charcoal, there are a few things you can do for each type of energy source to maximize its use.

  • Get the food ready. To make sure you’re not letting the grill sit and warm up—and thus wasting energy—don’t start the grill until you have the food ready to put on it. Once you do, you’re ready to start the grill.
  • Shorten the warm-up time. One of the easiest ways to waste energy when grilling is to let the grill heat up for too long. This is more problematic for charcoal, which takes time to heat up and catch fire. In general though, allowing twenty minutes for the coals to light, until they’re all burning, is an ample amount of time. For gas grills, that warm-up time might be as short as 5 minutes. Check out more tips here.

Grill maintenance is a must!

Grill maintenance is the least exciting side to grilling, but it’s important. Regular grill maintenance can prolong the life of your outdoor gas grill and save you the cost of an expensive replacement. We recommend having a good look in your grill upon return of a vacation or extended stay away.

Our BBQ Grill Cleaning Service is a natural fit for the many busy lifestyles of homeowners who appreciate healthy outdoor grilling. To maintain a healthy grill for cooking requires a good deep cleaning of all components at least once a year or more if grilling is a weekly lifestyle. If you have a grill not performing to your standards, contact us (888) 556-8121! We will arrange to inspect and quote a price to repair or upgrade your grill.


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